Perfect Player:

Settings -> General -> Playlist 1

    enter the M3U Playlist URL
    DO NOT select VOD



    enter the EPG URL

    Select Download once a day

    If you are not on UK time, select your timezone offset in the Shift field



Restart Perfect Player and you will have access to all of the channels.  If you see no channels then check the M3U Playlist URL carefully for errors.  If you have a list of channels but no TV guide, check the EPG URL carefully for errors.


If you have audio issues, particularly with VOD then try alternative options for the decoder.  Settings -> Playback -> Decoder - there is no one right answer.  Test with each of the options to see which gives you the best solution for your device.


Download link for full add free version


Force EPG Update

You can force EPG downloading by means of using ‘Down‘ key (instead of ‘Ok‘) when cursor is on ‘Update‘ button."
Push back button once, and use dpad to cursor over the refresh icon (circle with 2 arrows) at the top, right next to the Settings cog icon... press down, and epg force updates.

Thank you to Simon Price